When we grow up we want to be…

A couple of our Senior Account Managers recently wrote a blog about doing a PR degree vs. not doing one, and had a falling out as a result. As well as tears and hurt feelings*, it also sparked another loud conversation… what did everyone want to be when they were grown up.

As you can imagine the Fever team, not famed for their understated personas, all had very high expectations of their futures and the bright lights of stardom was a fantasy for many. The truth is none of us ever made it to the stage (well not yet anyway), but we’re happy none the less. Have a look at the lofty ambitions of our team:

The drama queen types

“I wanted to be an actress on Broadway…”

“A backing dancer” (NB we all think this is weird, who wants to be backup?)

“I wanted to be in a Disney theatre show as one of the princesses!”

“POPSTAR! So cliché but I did”

“I wanted to be Nancy from Oliver! on the stage. Buy me enough Prosecco and you may just get my Oom Pah Pah rendition, it’s pretty spectacular”


The sensitive arty types

“Ballet dancer – I went along to a ‘meet the cast’ of The Nutcracker when I was four and wanted to be Clara”

“Tap dancer”

“I wanted to be an artist, because art was the only thing I enjoyed at school”

“A Blue Peter presenter”

“I wanted to be a librarian so I could stamp the books”

“I wanted to be a farmer because I liked running around outdoors and romantic visions of a simple life…”

The professional types

“I wanted to be a barrister – but now I use my persuasive skills in PR instead”

“A marine biologist because I am obsessed with the sea, this is despite being unable to swim”

“A lawyer – legally blond style”

“I wanted to be an audiologist (ear doctor) as I have really bad hearing”

“A fossil hunter” (NB we assume she means archaeologist)

“Pilot. I thought flying would be cool. Plus when I was younger they used to let people into the front of the plane to speak to the pilot. Obviously that isn’t really possible now…”

“I wanted to work for the CIA”

The WTF types

“World War 2 fighter pilot”

“No job specifically, I just wanted to be aged 18, living in London, drinking cocktails and married to Johnny Depp. In this life I would also be called Elizabeth Turner”

“Official Polly Pocket collector”

*to be clear, this is not true, they get on very well


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