Wheels on Fire


Torn jeans, neon war paint and assorted bruises. Not your usual work social. But then we’re not your usual PR agency. That’s right folks, last night the Fever, Nelson Bostock and Things With Wings guys and gals time travelled back to the 70s (via the Victoria Line to Vauxhall) and strapped on their wheels for a night at the roller disco. Hilarity ensued. Blair even had to wear a special helmet because the clever man behind the counter thought she looked a bit shaky. And he was right.


We sped, spun and swirled our way around the floor to 70s funk beats on the nursery slopes and then graduated to the rather more aggressive hip hop tunes in the professionals room. We lasted about 30 seconds before we were whistled at by the patrol man for stopping (with fear) and decided roller skating is more of a spectator sport.


If you do one new thing this year, go to the roller disco. It’s groovy.


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