This Week We Have Been…

…hitting the beach. With the sunshine out for the entire weekend, there was only one thing for it – the beach! We jumped on the train to the south coast, where we enjoyed a hike taking in the sights of Studland Bay (including the nudist beach!) all the way round to Old Harry Rocks and Swanage. It was a beautiful weekend, fuelled by cider by the sea and ice cream all day long. Hopefully we can do it all again this weekend.


…soaking up the sunshine at Arsenal’s victory parade around Islington, following their stress-inducing FA Cup Final win. Here’s hoping that it’s not another 9 years before we can do it all again…


…watching Michael Fassbender don the giant head of Frank Sidebottom in Frank. Not really related to the curious Manchester character of the 70s, the film follows the journey of keyboard player Jon, after he chances upon Frank’s avante garde band Soronprfbs. It’s quirky, very surreal, but also funny and strangely touching. Maggie Gyllenhaal is great as the band’s crazed theramin player, though our actor-to-watch Scott McNairy steals the show as the band manager with a strange fetish…


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