This Week We Have Been . . .

…getting all surreal at Punch Drunk’s latest immersive theatre performance, The Drowned Man. We head down to the Sorting Offices at Paddington which had been transformed into Temple Studios, our fictional setting for the evening, with much anticipation. We donned rather terrifying masks and headed into what can only be best described as a 4 floor (or was it 5!?) ‘David Lynch-esque’ film set. With a brief synopsis given to us on the way in, we were left to roam the maze of different rooms, sets and stages following the actors around to try and piece the storyline together. Encounters included nudity, dancing, bar fights and a murder. Whilst we left none the  wiser to the plot, we had a pokies games online magical and somewhat bizarre few hours and would certainly recommend checking it out (perhaps when weather has cooled off – it was oppressively hot inside!)  – it’s on until 31st Dec.

…chased by ghosts in Trafalgar Square for the annual Pacman Run of the London City Hash House Harriers. Being a drinking club with a running problem, the aim of the Pacman Run was to find the drink stops without being caught by one of the ghosts (aka fast runners). The reaction of tourists was priceless!

…getting our running shoes on in prep for the Windsor Half Marathon. Putting in the miles in the glorious sunshine beats the freezing icy conditions from a few months ago any day…


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