This is our Everest

Feel that chill? That was us causing a storm around the blockbuster Blu-Ray and DVD release of Everest.

Right from the off we knew we wanted to grab the attention and imagination of the UK and use a quote from the film – ‘Human beings aren’t meant to function at the cruising altitude of 747’ – as our hook.

To bring that quote to life we used research that looked at the measures humans will take to overcome something unimaginable and achieve their ultimate ambition, like climbing Everest – bringing to life the real life elation and struggles associated with climbing the mammoth mountain. It’s a complex but fascinating topic and we really felt like a radio day was the way to get it talked about, so that’s exactly what we organised.


Teaming up with Dr John Leach, Survival Psychologist, and Mollie Hughes, Mountaineer, we took to the studio to discuss the most popular ambitions, how the mind and body is trained for survival and at what point it is we switch into survival mode, alongside tips for coping with adversity.

The research also showed some really interesting stats, like 88% of people were surprised by their own reactions and the depths of their own resilience and strength when faced with impossible situations, while 82% said they found they are mentally stronger than they thought when forced to overcome an unexpected challenge.

The day in the studio was a great success with 15 interviews taking place to support the incredible reviews of the film across National newspapers, including Financial Times and The Guardian.


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