Launching the Xperia™ XZ Premium

With Sony’s flagship XZ Premium launching next month, the Fever team jetted off to the sunny coast of Portugal (beats a conference room in the rainy UK) to showcase one of the key unique features, super slow motion video capture at 960 frames per second, four times slower than any other smartphone (we’re so on message).

We took over 10 journalists and influencers, including the likes of TechRadar, Evening Standard and TechFlow, to film the world’s first crowdsourced super slow motion short film shot entirely on a smartphone. Cool right? It was a ton of fun, with shed loads of glitter, bubbles, and some ‘flaming’ good shots.

Check out the full video here and don’t just take our word for it, EVERYTHING looks better in super slow motion

Away from smashing glass and running through walls, we saw lots of great content captured. The Tech Radar team jumped in the sand, ran down the beach and blew bubbles at cactuses to showcase what the phone is capable. See their great work here


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