Gaming Meets Hollywood . . . in Paris!

To mark the release of the much-anticipated PlayStation 3 game, BEYOND: Two Souls, the Fever team took a team of journalists over to Paris to catch up with the A-List stars of the game, Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe, have a chat with visionary director, David Cage, and check out the premiere which was arguably more fitting of a Hollywood blockbuster than a video game!

Beyond (2)

If that wasn’t enough, the team were straight back to London the next morning to host a media junket with Willem Dafoe and David Cage. The day was jam-packed, with 15 journalists being given the chance to speak to the duo and pick their brains about the overlap between film and gaming in Beyond.

Beyond (3)

The launch campaign was a great success, generating coverage across key broadcast, print and online media. Don’t just take our word for it though, take a look at some of the fantastic coverage appeared to date on ITN, MSN, Metro, Independent, Total Film, Digital Spy, and watch this space for even more pieces still to come!


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