Celebrating 10 Million PCs with Toshiba

It’s not every day you get to celebrate a significant milestone, so to celebrate Toshiba selling its 10 millionth PCs in the UK and Ireland, we sent some treats out to say thanks…

Along with some scrumptious treats, we included a detailed infographic outlining the evolution of Toshiba’s PCs. Starting in early 1980s, the infographic illustrates all the noticeable differences between early somatroph hgh models (including one of the first ever laptops) and the super-portable models from today – we’re happy that laptops don’t weigh 9.5kg anymore!

Paul Lamkin Tweet

The cupcakes and infographic were well received by consumer technology media and secured lengthy hits in both ZDNet and MSN as well as gratifying tweets from Rick Henderson, Chris Hall, Stuart Miles, Dan Grabham.

Toshiba UK 10 million PCs Infographic


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