A Quacking Coverage Round Up. . .

The 50ft rubber duck on the Thames is still hot news, with coverage continuing to roll in across national print, broadcast and video footage being placed online, all driving entries to Jackpotjoy.com’s FUNdation – a bursary granting funds and rewards for daft ideas to encourage Brits to have more fun.

TV programmes London Tonight and BBC Breakfast both had a good giggle when discussing the story and news of the duck’s maiden voyage has gone global with news sites in the US, Italy and Pakistan all covering the stunt.

Print coverage that has appeared this week includes; The Sun, Daily Mirror, Metro, The Times, The Daily Telegraph, The Guardian (G2) and online video coverage on the likes of Mail Online, ITN, ITV, Daily Telegraph, Huffington Post,  The Scotsman, AOL, CNN and members of the public uploading to YouTube.

All in all, a quacking spread!


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