Launching the UE WONDERBOOM

Forget the wonderbra, right now we’re all about the WONDERBOOM. This little speaker from Ultimate Ears packs some serious punch and deserved its own party, which is exactly what it got. A whole host of media and influencers were invited along to Lights of Soho (the most lit venue ever) last week to experience first-hand the fantastic features of the new speaker – including being waterproof and virtually indestructible (a feature, not a challenge).

Guests were invited to take part in a number of games at the event, including a BOOM balloon wall and Hook ‘A’ Boom (see what we did there) station to win their own UE WONDERBOOM.

With the infamous DJ Pinky Tesfay on decks, we were all set for a night of loud music, and of course it wouldn’t be a PR launch event without themed cocktails, which were designed to mirror three colours of the speakers. Adorable.

In total, we had a whopping 109 people through the door, including the likes of Daily Mirror, TrustedReviews, Esquire, Cosmopolitan, Stylist, Mollie Bylett, Conor Windmill and many more. Lovely stuff.


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