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#StyleTrends2018 with The Flower Council of Holland

When it comes to flowers and plants, nobody knows more than The Flower Council of Holland, and in our work with them to support their consumer brands – and – we’re getting to know a lot more ourselves. Each year the FCH create style trends in partnership with a top cultural trend watcher, and we were charged with bringing them to life for UK media, influencers, designers, stylists and industry types. To do that we needed a partner,… Read more…
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Sony’s Stupendous Selfies at CES

Ah it’s early January and we’re not hungover from New Year anymore so that can only mean one thing – CES time! Sadly the Fever team is permanently banned from Las Vegas owing to a misadventure we had back in 2001 involving two master thieves, a Chinese acrobat, Monica from Friends’ dad, and Matt Damon. We’re still paying off the damage to that vault. Anyway, that doesn’t stop us holding the fort back here in Blighty for Sony Mobile, and… Read more…
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Bringing Olaf’s Frozen Adventure to Sky Cinema

December wasn’t all boozy lunches and Christmas parties you know, for us and Sky Cinema it involved a very loveable snowman too – YES, it was Olaf. To celebrate Sky Cinema showing the brand new standalone short film Olaf’s Frozen Adventure, which featured the original Frozen cast and characters, we held an exclusive screening beforehand for bloggers, media and celebrities. Guests including Imogen Thomas, Laura Hamilton, Natalie Pinkham, Tasmin Greenway and Orla Chennaoui came together to watch Sky Cinema’s screening… Read more…
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